Receiving a delegation of Hama’s doctors

Hama Pharma received a delegation of doctors from Hama Governorate and its countryside to talk about Simvatrol medicine.Where Dr. Zuhair Fedda, an endocrinologist, gave a lecture entitled:“Control of dyslipidemia to reduce CVD in diabetes”.Dr. Marina Al-Halabi, Director of Research and Development at Hama Pharma Company, also gave a presentation entitled:“Rovaltro = Quality”To talk about the […]

Releasing Alogliptin

Within the series of parties held by Hama Pharma to release “Alogliptin Hama Pharma”, the newest medicene from its blood sugar-lowering group, Hama Pharma had the honor to invite endocrinologists, internal and cardiologists in Damascus for a lecture entitled: Treating diabetes type II review of the DPP_4i groupFor the lecturer: Dr. Zuhair Fedda, an endocrinologist […]

Anniversary Celebration

Part of Hama Pharma’s participation in:The anniversary of the Hama Pharmacist DiaryAnd that was in the Golden Palace Hall on 01/15/2020 where pharmacists were received with flowers, as an expression of the friendly relationship with fellow pharmacists and our real partnersGifts were also distributed to a number of pharmacists in Hama, under the auspices of […]

Launching Losspal & Glocubye

Hama Pharma was honored to launching Glocubye and Losspal in Aleppo, where the launching celebration included:A lecture by Prof. Dr. George Sa’adeh, the consultant in endocrine diseases and diabetes, under the title:Targeting the pathogenic mechanisms in the treatment of diabetes (the incretin axis) and bypassing complications.And a lecture by Dr. Muhammad Osama Qashqash, the consultant […]

Scientific Conference on Cardiology

From our participation in the twelfth scientific conference of the Syrian Association of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery in Damascus in the presence of the most important cardiologists from various Syrian governorates.Where the focus was on the most important varieties that Hama Pharma Company offers to be a true partner for the cardiologistRovaltro : is the […]