Anniversary Celebration

Part of Hama Pharma’s participation in:
The anniversary of the Hama Pharmacist Diary
And that was in the Golden Palace Hall on 01/15/2020

where pharmacists were received with flowers, as an expression of the friendly relationship with fellow pharmacists and our real partners
Gifts were also distributed to a number of pharmacists in Hama, under the auspices of the Hama Pharmacists Syndicate, represented by Dr. Badri Alfa, and the Social Committee, especially Dr. Hatem Khattab and Dr. Ammar Abu Touq.

And thanks first and foremost to Dr. Hajar Anan, founder of the Hama Pharmacists Diaries Group, and everyone who contributed to the success of this celebration and took the initiative to transform this group from a virtual group into a meeting full of love and affection that brings pharmacists year after year on love and harmony .